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MousePainter Colour Visualization Tool
Do you often see a paint colour chip you like, but wonder what it would look like in your home?
Now, our new MousePainter tool lets you “virtually paint” a collection of sample homes, so that you can see what the end result will look like before you paint.
Just click on the colour you desire, or look up a list of complimentary colours, and the walls or trim of the sample room will automatically change colours!
You can also print out a colour card so that you can bring your design into your ICI Paints retailer and get the colours you have chosen.
Colour Scheme Selector Tool
Do you have a hard time picking colours, or finding out what colours “go well” with another in a combination?
Our new Colour Scheme tool is a virtual interior designer, and you can choose one of four ways to get great colour advice and create a scheme.

So, whether you have a colour in mind, want to match an item in your room, want designer-style help, or want to follow the latest in colour trends, this tool will help you to create the perfect colour combination!

Colour of the Year 2008

Yellow, more than any other hue, has the ability to convey a mood of warmth, sociability and welcome. This soft and sunny shade is neither too strident nor too understated – a happy, forward-looking colour that speaks of optimism for the future but also represents a serious respect for history and the past – a warming reminder of the need for balance in all our thoughts and action